Founded in 2011, CRANETECH Cranes designs and manufactures overhead cranes, wire rope electric hoists, crane components in its facilities.

Cranes Manufacturers in India

At CRANETECH Cranes, we manufacture Double Girder Overhead Cranes, Single Girder Overhead Cranes, EOT Cranes with Grab & Bucket, Goliath Cranes, Hand-operated Overhead Cranes, Freight Elevators, Jib Cranes, Wire Rope Electric Hoists, Crane duty Gear Boxes, Flexible Geared Couplings, Wall Mounted Cantilever Crane, Power Winches etc.


We also manufacture steel fabricated components for shed, all kinds of fabrication as OEM suppliers.

In-house product research & development enables us to retain flexibility of applying standard products, simplicity and economics of time proven serial components for increased reliability and better value. Ongoing research and development by our professional engineering staff into design & manufacturing improvements places Cranetech Cranes at the forefront of technology. Applied computer technology, integrated manufacturing and modern production equipment operated by skilled and dedicated technicians and rigid quality standards ensure that our products are your best buy in overhead material handling equipment.

Applications of Overhead Crane
Cranes for Steel Mills
Steel Mills

Designed for the stern steel plant environment, Cranetech offers particular Ladle Handling, Billet Handling, Magnet Cranes and many more.

Cranes for Sugar Industry
Sugar Industry

Cane unloader, Mill House Cranes, Power House cranes are the main source of the sugar industry. We have developed and included the latest technology equipments for manufacturing.

Cranes for Automobile Industry
Automobile Industry

Designed, keeping the modern plants of automobile industry and the pre-fabricated sheds, Cranetech offers specialized light weight cranes.

Cranes for Engineering Industry
Engineering Industry

From fabrication plant to setting up metro rail, from manufacturing of railways wagons to misc loads handling in any industry, Cranetech Equipments offers different types of Cranes.

Cranes for Power Industry
Power Industry

Designed to handle Turbines with outmost precision, we are offering customized cranes to handle turbines upto 500T capacity.

Cranes for Construction

Designed to handle long pre-casts for metro projects, we are offering high capacity Gantry cranes with the most modern technology and utmost safety.

Our Vision

Our vision is make a huge success and profit by being a value to our clients and industries at the global level.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep up with the latest technology as well as international quality standards and earn a reputation of being the most trustworthy company providing the best products of the market.

Experience / Achievements

A few of our noteworthy achievements are... supplied cranes up to span of 106 feet. Capacity up to 60 Tons (Hot Metal Handling). Double Girder EOT Cranes up to 150 Ton capacity.