Crane for Power Plant Industry

Top Crane for power plant industry in india

The stator, steam turbine stator, and rotor in power plants are lifted and assembled using this overhead crane. These components are used because they are lightweight, need little energy, and require little maintenance.

Utilizing 3D modelling and finite element analysis, we create crane software that optimises the lifting mechanism and steel frame. Utilizing materials with high strength increases carrying capacity while lowering weight and relieving wheel load pressure:

A power plant overhead crane's features include

  • Increasing working space by limiting the left and right space to a minimal amount. Small space over the track or rail allows for full utilisation of the workshop area
  • Lower cost of repair and maintenance due to dependable performance and longevity. High performance and quality components require minimal upkeep and repair. little energy use
  • Fast performance: Frequency converter technology is used to reduce operational load and enable the crane to move at a high rate of speed with less weight. Its 1:10 speed range ensures seamless operation of the crane and lessens effect on the workshop. Technology to prevent sway allows for accurate placement
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