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EOT cranes are frequently employed in factories and warehouses. Heavy items get transported and lifted by an EOT crane to any point on the production floor. It can be utilized in many industries. Maintaining working temperatures between -20 and 40 degrees Celsius is recommended.
One of the most popular styles of overhead cranes is the electric overhead traveling (EOT) crane, which has many crucial industrial uses. These follow parallel paths, and a bridge placed on top of the hoist spans the gap. As their name suggests, these cranes are electrically powered by a control pendant or an operator cabin connected to the EOT crane. EOT cranes can lower or raise high weights in addition to moving in both directions.

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Single and Double Girder EOT Crane manufacturers in India

EOT Crane Manufacturer Exporter & Supplier

The two primary varieties of EOT cranes that are frequently provided by EOT crane manufacturers in India are Single Girder EOT Crane and Double Girder EOT Crane.
A variety of EOT (Electric Overhead Traveling) cranes are available from Cranetech Equipment Company. We create cranes to fulfill the needs and applications of our clients, whether they are Single Girder EOT Cranes, Double Girder EOT Cranes, Top Running Cranes, or Under Running Cranes. Let the professionals at Cranetech equipment assist you in determining which Crane style is best for your application.

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It is regarded as one of the most significant crane varieties. We are the most well-known Indian suppliers of EOT cranes. It is sometimes referred to as a "bridge crane."
The cane is being produced by Cranetech Equipments using the highest-grade raw materials, which will improve the overall quality of the completed product. Our design team, which is well qualified and experienced, is in charge of EOT design and continuously works to guarantee that the product has the maximum production potential feasible. We are the top manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of EOT cranes as a result.

EOT Overhead Cranes Manufacturer

Single Girder Crane Exporter & Supplier from India

EOT Overhead Cranes Exporter & Supplier

Single Girder Cranes are substantially lighter in build and feature just one primary span. It's a great choice for light industrial applications as a result. Single girder cranes made by EOT Crane businesses primarily consist of an electrically controlled hoist, a main bridge, and end beams
With just cross girders required, speedier construction, and runway beams that are light enough because to the decreased crane dead weight, single girder cranes are less expensive in many respects
Single-girder cranes can be operated by radio remote controls or independently moving push-button pendants, allowing operators to work while remaining safe. Operators are positioned in such a manner as to be on a safer side to have an obstruction-free vision for efficient operation

Single Girder EOT cranes

The design optimization of single girder EOT cranes accounts for their distinctive characteristics by avoiding deadweight and lowering the equipment's cost. It is mostly employed in construction firms, the production of heavy machinery, and the export of commodities that cannot be handled by hand.