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The underslung crane from cranetech equipment is the ideal option and is ideal for light material handling demands and situations where headroom is restricted or when the process constraints forbid any other method of supporting the crane other than from the top beam or roof trusses. Under the runway beams, these cranes are suspended. The name "underhung crane" or "underslung crane" derives from this. Because they can move cargoes straight from one crane to another, these cranes are also known as transfer cranes
This unique crane design removes the requirement for side brackets or side gantry girders by being merely connected to the pre-existing roof structure. The roof structure needs to be strong enough to support the weight of the underslung cranes and the hanging load before they can be installed. Therefore, you should speak with our sales engineers before making a decision on the single girder underslung cranes to ensure that all factors have been taken into account to prevent any discomfort

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We offer a variety of cranes for engineering workshops to our clients, which are employed in various engineering workshops. We are among the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in this sector. The following items are included in this category

SALIENT FEATURES of Underslung Crane

  • Wire Rope Electric Hoist
  • Goods Hoist Lift
  • Wire Electric Hoist
  • Flame Proof Electric Hoist
  • Flame Proof Electric Hoist
  • EOT Crane
  • Single Girder Type EOT Crane
  • Double Girder Type EOT Crane
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CAPACITY : 1000 kgs to 15000 kgs.