Hand Pallet Truck

High Lift Hand Pallet Truck

A low-cost, user-friendly alternative to lift trucks and forklifts is a high lift pallet jack. It has a hydraulic system that enables a single operator to easily lift and transport a full-size pallet around a warehouse. Continue reading as we discuss the many kinds of pallet jacks that are available, how to operate one, uses for your equipment, and the benefits of owning one


  • Capacity: 800 kgs. & 1000 kgs.
  • Lift Height: 800 mm & 1 mtr Standard
Hand Pallet Truck Supplier

Hydraulic Pallet Truck

We are engaged in the production, distribution, and export of a variety of High Lift Hand Pallet Trucks. These items are produced by our skilled workers from premium raw materials and are used in a variety of industrial applications. These items are available in 800 mm and 1 metre lift heights and have capacities of 800 kg and 1000 kg. These items are widely regarded and sought after by customers due to their solid design, longevity, and high calibre.

Hydraulic Pallet Truck in India


  • Available standard capacity: 2500 Kgs., Fork Length 1150,Width 535
  • Available capacity options: 2000 Kgs, 2500 Kgs, 3000 Kgs, 5000 Kgs
  • Available options: manual, weight scale, battery operator
  • Choice: Special fork length, width, wheels & capacity as per requirement.